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Wireless EMF Radiation Assessment for Homes

$290.00 USD

⚠️ This service is available in SINGAPORE ⚠️
For other countries, kindly contact us here instead.
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Our EMF (electromagnetic field) Safety Surveyor, Max Chua, is certified for full EMF surveying and full consulting services. Once we have performed our initial survey of your home, we will make recommendations on how to minimize the EMF levels.





For residential clients, we focus on the sleeping areas and areas you spend a great deal of time. We check for the following:

ELF (extremely low frequency) & VLF (very low frequency) testing - High voltage power lines, transformers, dirty electricity testing, household wiring, electrical appliances, wiring & cables, computers, battery power, solar power, wind power, energy-saving devices, dimmer light switches, CFL light bulbs, etc.

RF (radio frequency) / Microwave testing - Wireless transmitting / receiving devices (cell phone towers, mobile phone, routers, baby monitors, cordless phone, Bluetooth enabled devices, GPS, etc.)




TÜV SÜD EMF assessment certified for Health & Safety in Homes, Workplace & Products




At Jonidere, we believe in achieving optimal, holistic health and wellness in the long run. Today, you can start making choices for yourself and your loved ones towards optimal health and wellness. We hope to journey with you towards your next small sparkling moments where you can experience well-being and wholeness. We offer free international shipping throughout our store (unless otherwise specified).



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