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At Jonidere, we believe in achieving optimal, holistic health and wellness in the long run. Our purpose of hosting health events is to increase health awareness in the community. Today, you can start making choices for yourself and your loved ones towards optimal health and wellness. We hope to journey with you towards your next small sparkling moments where you can experience well-being and wholeness.


Upcoming Events


GuaSha is a natural therapy that involves ‘scraping’ along your body meridian lines and acupressure points with a GuaSha tool to unblock Qi & Blood Stagnation in the body and improve your health. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♂️

In this experiential workshop, we will share how you can combine this 5000-year old Chinese healing technique with the right TCM herbal energy oils to elevate this natural therapy to a totally different level – one that is pleasurable, easy to learn & extremely effective. ☯️

✅ Learn the basics of TCM, GuaSha & TCM Oils
✅ Learn useful acupressure points & meridian lines
✅ Perform GuaSha to de-stress and alleviate stiff neck & shoulders plus enhance your body immune system

Date: Saturday, 11 Jun 2022
Time: 3 - 5 p.m.
Venue: Commonwealth Haw Par Technocentre (details to be given upon confirmation)
Admission: FREE

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Crypto101 Workshop

Heard so much about crypto in the news but don't know how to start?

Feeling frustrated after many hours of YouTube videos and internet search?

Even been to various online programmes and masterclasses but still stuck?

If you're serious about transforming your financial status, you're invited to this exclusive programme where you can embark on your crypto journey safely.

We'll be spending at least three hours IN PERSON with you, coaching you every single step of the way till you achieve the outcomes.

Date: Saturday, 28 May 2022
Time: 4 - 7 p.m. (Singapore Standard Time)
Venue: Ubi (details to be given upon confirmation)
Admission: S$25 (inclusive of simple dinner by Chef Nicolas)

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Let's Play Ca$hflow Game
Have you ever wondered how some people are able to enjoy passive income, while many more are still unable to enjoy time and financial freedom despite slogging very hard their entire lives?

How is your Financial Intelligence quotient (FQ)? Do you want to educate yourself about different vehicles to earn income?

Join us for this Cashflow101 board game and play your way to financial freedom. No physical money involved!

Date: Sunday, 15 May 2022
Time: 2 - 5 p.m. (Singapore Standard Time)
Venue: Commonwealth Haw Par Technocentre (details to be given upon confirmation)
Admission: FREE

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Past Events


Human Reset Workshop

Always tired? Aches & pains? Falling sick often?

The Human Reset is a simple D.I.Y Meridian Therapy technique using acupressure massage to ensure a smooth flow of Qi & Blood through the 5 Elements Universe within our body to enhance immunity and promote good health.

✅ Learn the theory of Human Reset
✅ Learn useful Yuan acupressure points and Meridian Lines
✅ Learn how to perform Human Reset for yourself & loved ones

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Everton Mural Trekking Event

Follow us on this unique urban trek where our mission is to hunt down the iconic murals drawn by acclaimed self-taught local & international artist YC Yip. We will also check out other interesting artworks in this area at the same time.

Barber, Amah, Provision Shop, etc… these are just some of Yew Chong’s iconic pieces of murals waiting for us to discover.

At the same time, we will also be doing Human Reset meridian therapy exercise together to help energize our body and boost our immune system.

Don’t know what it is? Join us and you will be enlightened.

We will also learn about the interesting stories that abound in this historical area that we are visiting.

Prepare your cameras and props to have some memorable photo-taking time in the heartlands of Everton.

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What's with YOUth?

Has your relationship with your pre-teen or teenage child become more strained during this very challenging period? Are you feeling frustrated and stuck, not knowing what to do? Find out from two specialists how YOU can be the solution.

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InVisible Rainbows

Invisible man-made electromagnetic radiation "rainbows" have been compromising us biologically. How do we win this battle for our health? Learn various ways of radiation shielding as well as how to include visible "rainbows" in your diet to strengthen your body's defense against this century-old toxin.

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Healing with Frequencies:
How to Naturally Heal Your Body through Bioresonance & Shungite

Are you concerned about the side effects of conventional medicine? Trying to seek out more natural ways to strengthen your body's energy fields to handle the ever-increasing stresses that take a toll on you? Join us for this special time to learn from two specialists in the field of frequencies.

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Embodied Resilience:
Self-Contact Through One Breath

Are you stressed out and over-coping with uncertainties and external influences? Beginning to lose touch with yourself? Come and learn some tools for self-contact and build resilience with one breath.

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Health Hunting

How do you find your ideal home that not only fits your pocket but also optimizes your health? Or what can you do to make your current home a healthier sanctuary for your family? Learn practical tips from two experts in this field!

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The Miracle MolecYOUle

Discover how silver-saturated shungite is able to naturally heal, detox and supercharge your body through its powerful quantum field!

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