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Joe Chan & Jennifer Koh
Founders of Jonidere

A youth work practitioner for the past 16 years, Joe specializes in working with children and youths. Having a keen interest in fitness, he employs sports to engage with his youths. With his social work training, Joe is able to provide a systems perspective to complex issues and problems. Being a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, he is also trained in the Solution Focused Approach in therapy and coaching which helps individuals across different spectrums of needs and goals.

Being an educator at heart coupled with a deep desire to always find answers, Jennifer started researching into alternative therapies when her health was once badly hit. Eventually, she got her health back through a holistic approach. Today, Jennifer is a Holistic Health Advocate and passionate to empower others in the area of health and wellness.

Together, Joe and Jennifer founded Jonidere with the purpose of helping others achieve optimal, holistic health and wellness in the long run. Their vision for Jonidere is to be the go-to health hub for every home. They hope to journey with you towards your well-being and wholeness in every aspect of your life!

Christopher Koh
Business Executive

Christopher graduated from the Teachers' Training College (now known as the National Institute of Education). He has vast exposure and experiences in the areas of teaching, management and marketing. Being semi-retired, he is still keeping himself active in his golden years.



Lynnette Leong
Certified BICOM Bioresonance Practitioner

Lynnette started her journey with Bioresonance in 2019 after her daughter’s eczema spread extensively over her whole body. She tried many ways to help her daughter get well and finally found this non-invasive, drug-free therapy that got to the root cause and brought her daughter’s eczema under good control. Besides the great results on her own daughter, she has been using Bioresonance to help people with their different health issues. Through her company, Good Salt, she aims to bring balance and health to people by removing blocks and strains and to re-establish the body’s ability to self-regulate and heal itself.


Max Chua
Certified EMF Safety Surveyor

Max is an electrical & electronic engineer by training with the University of Surrey in the UK as well as a certified EMF (electromagnetic field) safety surveyor by TUV SUD in the UK. He has over 16 years of working experience and his last few roles were with several global foreign MNCs as head of strategy and marketing for the Asia Pacific region. His personal health made him study the effects of wireless radiation on the human body. He founded Choizya back in August 2016 with the aim to raise public awareness of the potential health effects of over exposure to wireless radiation. His company specializes in wireless radiation detection and protection. Max has spoken at numerous events at global MNCs and organizations such as Sony Asia Pacific, Regatta Jakarta, GlobalFoundries, Insworld Institute, St. James' Church Kindergarten, City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy clinics, Engie, Rio Tinto, Young Presidents' Organization (Malaysia), Rotary Club of Bugis Junction and Tanjong Pagar, Family Business Network Asia, Kampung Senang, Cansurvive Singapore and Malaysia, Biohackers Singapore and Conscious Parenting Meetup group. Some of his corporate clients include Enterprise Singapore, Al-Futtaim, James King Group and T.Y. Lin International Group. His shielding solutions have been used by sports and fashion retail outlets locally as well as many families and organisations across ASEAN countries.



Nicolas Reynard
Online Health Coach

Nicolas is a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, a Running, Triathlon and Bootcamp Coach as well as an 18-year expertise in food and nutrition as an Executive Chef in world-class hotels and restaurants. As a life-long health enthusiast, Nicolas has always been keenly aware of the many factors that come into play in achieving holistic health – food and nutrition, physical activity, mental and emotional health and social functioning, among others. In line with that, he has been actively pursuing personal fitness goals through a wide range of activities such as trekking, running and boxing. He received Thai boxing training under Ole Laursen, a Welterweight Muay Thai Kickboxer, and has participated in several renowned fitness events. In 2017, Nicolas co-founded Skill Sharpening which is an international training and coaching organisation that aims to be a partner to individuals looking to develop themselves holistically. That has been a great venture which combines his passion for the many facets of personal development with an equal dedication to helping and inspiring others to achieve their goals. It is truly rewarding for Nicolas to witness others challenge themselves, gain insight into what they can do and tackle their self-limiting mental obstacles.


Richard Spray & Cassie Limb
Shungite Educators & Practitioners

Richard's main topics of study and work are in frequencies, including how to create and shift between frequencies, through making shungite devices to beautiful heart-opening music featured on BBC Radio’s “Healing Sounds of Music” and commissioned pieces for Sheffield University. Understanding the principles of platonic solids, quantum connections and different dimensions, Richard’s work is informed by his near-death experience, study of Bodini energy devices and the law of time calendar.

Cassie has been studying the fullerene found in shungite for over 20 years now, besides sacred geometry, platonic solids, heptahedrons, remote viewing, law of resonance and attraction, and cancer (apoptosis) water structure. She is also a published author, poet and guest speaker in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Their complimentary skills create a powerhouse of knowledge and practical applications, to deliver powerful shungite products that combine the most important aspects of metaphysical principles to assist your health and well-being. They founded Oraphim to make shungite information, solutions and products available to the masses in easy, usable, affordable, beautiful and unique forms in order for all sentient life forms and beautiful environments to thrive and experience their potential best through this quantum connection.