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Bioresonance Services

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Bioresonance aims to restore the body’s own natural healing capacity by enhancing the healthy signals that govern the behaviour of cells and inverting pathological signals. This holistic treatment method targets the root cause of health problems and primary disturbances that is distinct for each person, rather than suppressing the symptoms. This helps to improve general health and supports the body as it works to repair itself.





What is Bioresonance used for?

✅ Allergies, food intolerance
✅ Pain and fatigue
✅ Skin issues
✅ Hormone imbalance
✅ Digestive issues
✅ Respiratory issues
✅ Cancer support
✅ and many others




How does this therapy work? 

Therapy is given through the BICOM bioresonance device. This uses electromagnetic frequency to target harmful substances in the body while supporting the body’s organs and meridians to promote healing. Electrodes may be placed on different parts of the body to receive frequencies and to send the modified frequencies to the person.




What to expect?

At the initial session, a full body bioenergetic scan using the BICOM Body Check may be used to evaluate the individual’s health and determine which particular treatments will be most suitable. Testing and treatment is carried out using the BICOM device. The course of treatment will commence within the same session, and follow up sessions may be arranged as required to benefit fully from the therapy.





Bioresonance Therapy
Customised therapy for your health issues

Each therapy session is customised to your body's needs and includes energetic balancing, detoxification, elimination of allergies, strains and blockages through the BICOM device. Treatment for organs and meridians are also provided for constitutional support.




Full Body Bioenergetic Scan
Find out what energetic dysbalances and stressors affect your health

Our bodies are in contact with many different substances daily, from the food we eat, things we touch, particles we inhale etc. We are subjected to environmental toxins from EMF, chemicals, viruses, bacteria etc which may affect our health in different ways. Using the BICOM Body Check, find out what energetic dysbalances and stressors affect your health as well as food to take or avoid. Prioritisation of key areas provided in the evaluation report will greatly assist in the healing process using bioresonance therapy.








At Jonidere, we believe in achieving optimal, holistic health and wellness in the long run. Today, you can start making choices for yourself and your loved ones towards optimal health and wellness. We hope to journey with you towards your next small sparkling moments where you can experience well-being and wholeness. We offer free international shipping throughout our store (unless otherwise specified).



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