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Breathwork Programme

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Breathwork is a form of therapeutic exercise that involves various techniques. It involves breathing intentionally to improve mental, emotional, physical and energetic well-being. You will learn how to do conscious and systematic breathing that changes your breathing pattern.





There are many forms of breathwork therapy. Our breathwork by Jess Tansutat is about using conscious breathing for self healing and vitality activation. It is a professional breathwork programme aimed at increasing your breath awareness while providing you with the skills and exercises needed to break poor breathing habits and re-learn to breathe optimally – improving your mental and physical health, endurance and well-being.




Who is this for?

✅ Anyone who wishes to better understand the tremendous benefits of optimal breathing on overall health, endurance and well-being
✅ Anyone who wants to learn and practise optimal breathing for addressing various health conditions like stress & anxiety, neck & shoulder stiffness, tight jaws issues, digestive issues, poor sleep, lower back pain, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.
✅ Anyone who desires to gain new insights into how to correctly breathe during emotional difficulties



Jess being a dedicated Qigong practitioner


What will you learn?

✅ Combination of breathing techniques used in martial arts and trauma tension release
✅ Customized exercises for both stress management and empowerment, working with both intensity and relaxation
✅ Weaving together of neuroscience, psychotherapy, martial arts techniques and trauma work to offer a set of exercises
✅ Customized sessions to match client's psychological and bioenergetic needs
How, Why and What of functional and dysfunctional breathing patterns
✅ Biomechanics and psychology behind breathing
✅ Breathing exercises aimed at rewiring, stretching and strengthening breathing muscles 
✅ What a good healthy breath feels like, and how to address stress and anxiety with the simple power of the breath





Why should you explore it?

The intention is to open the energy to flow more effectively by breathing into movements and rhythms: in and out, up and down, and top to bottom. Breath is the life force. This is where life begins. It is a holistic process involving breathing, thoughts and actions that embrace the individual on all levels and dimensions. By bringing conscious energy to our limitations and the way we breathe, it is possible to retrieve or have self-compassion to work with memories from our past, childhood trauma and crucial incidents. Those life events, at that time, created emotions like fear, sadness, anger or resentment. The impact established the terrain for a negative mindset, limiting our ability to grow healthy bodies and potentials.





What to expect?

You may experiment with this work in a trial session. If you do not find value in it, you are welcome to inform the coach and leave the exploration at any time. If you wish to continue, it is recommended to give it a try for 5 or 10 sessions to feel the impact. Each session is around 75 minutes.





The first session consists of introduction, theory, language reference that will be used, and foundational exercises. Subsequent sessions include getting to know your body and breath patterns, develop your felt-sense, and finding inner resources and other support. This helps to familiarise you to work with the flow, body and breath movements, ways to support and release body tension, and how to revisit and release past traumatic experiences.




Jess in training with her client


Ideally the programme should be 10 sessions as there are various belts of tension in our body that disrupt our fascia, which is collagen beneath the skin that holds our tissues and muscles together for mobility. Once it is disrupted, it forms memories and contractions which relate to an automatic response from our nervous system to inform us that there is a threat. If there is no awareness and post exercises to reverse the effect, it will stay as a sympathetic response to stress in our daily lives which impacts how we function, our performance, our effectiveness, and our creativity. After the introduction in the first session, we can explore each belt in a sequence to release from top-down in our body.







At Jonidere, we believe in achieving optimal, holistic health and wellness in the long run. Today, you can start making choices for yourself and your loved ones towards optimal health and wellness. We hope to journey with you towards your next small sparkling moments where you can experience well-being and wholeness. We offer free international shipping throughout our store (unless otherwise specified).



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