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A youth work practitioner for the past 16 years in the social services, Coach Joe Chan specializes in working with children and youths in the community. He enjoys the challenges and thrills of this work, starting as a caseworker himself overseeing individuals, families and programmes. With his social work training, Joe is able to provide a systems perspective to complex issues and problems. Being a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, he is also trained in the Solution Focused Approach in therapy and coaching which helps to provide a unique way of looking at individuals across different spectrums of needs and goals.





A fundamental framework and perspective that Joe embraces in working with young people is the Positive Youth Development Framework where we look at young people from a developmental view rather than a deficit view. His coaching and mentoring is always coming from that space of facilitating growth and development, as well as respecting and recognizing the potential and strengths of every individual.





Joe also adopts an informal rather than formal approach with young people. The reason why such an informal approach is needed is that he believes that young people can truly be themselves when they feel at ease and safe. Therefore, you can expect many of the sessions to be conducted in a variety of settings like outdoors or in their homes right where they are most comfortable. For female youth clients, Joe will arrange for other female associate coaches to work with them.




A typical process of how Joe works with his youth clients:

✅ Build rapport & engagement
✅ Understand what they want and how they view the situation
✅ Create together with them a picture of what the outcomes of working together look like
✅ Identify what’s already working for them and building on it
✅ Build small steps and generating creative solutions
✅ Review and refine the plan
✅ Celebrate small successes together with them and their family





As for family coaching, Joe can help facilitate changes in the interactions between the family and the different parties involved (if any). A good example would be a child seeing a school counselor, seeing a psychiatrist, and going for some therapy sessions. It will be extremely helpful to have a coach work with the child to make sense of all these different inputs in his life and even align them with what he truly wants for himself. With an overview of the entire situation, this picture is really powerful to build solutions towards the family's preferred future. Rather than constantly going around fighting fires, it’s even better to be invited to step into a place of control and choice towards the family’s miracle picture together.




A typical process of how Joe works with the family:

Build rapport with the family
 Gather information and relevant data from the family and connect with the different parties to make an assessment together with the family of the current situation
✅ Explore with the family and the different parties what their shared best hopes would look like
 Identify strengths and resources through what is currently working in the family
 Identify the next few small steps and which party they will involve
 Update and coordinate with the other parties to ensure that everyone is kept informed of the progress working on currently
 Review with the family and the different parties on the outcomes and progress achieved
 Celebrate the small successes achieved by the family and the various parties







At Jonidere, we believe in achieving optimal, holistic health and wellness in the long run. Today, you can start making choices for yourself and your loved ones towards optimal health and wellness. We hope to journey with you towards your next small sparkling moments where you can experience well-being and wholeness.



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