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Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner

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The Thermostar is an optimum handy household appliance with the performance and technology of an industrial appliance. It offers you an enormous amount of relief whilst cleaning and allows for many different application options through its extensive accessories. Quite simply, cleaning has never been as easy as with Thermostar.




You will quickly notice that you are able to clean areas in your household in a much faster way. Whether it be stubborn stains on carpets, lime residues on tiles or grease stains on the sofa. With the Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner, you can remove these stains completely. You can use it everywhere in your entire household, providing you with sparkling and pore-deep cleanliness inside your own four walls. It is not only suitable for your home, but also for cars, bicycles, terraces, staircases, garden furniture and many other applications too.





With Thermostar Dry Steam System, you can clean:

✅ Beds, upholstery, mattresses, carpets and sofas
✅ Flat surfaces in the home
✅ Bathrooms and toilets
✅ Kitchens
✅ Glass doors, windows and blinds
✅ Cars and bicycles





The Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner is not only very compact and highly efficient, but it also has a long life, thanks to the excellent workmanship.

With the lifelong restoration guarantee, you will never have to buy another steam cleaner again – this means: not only will you save a lot of money, but you will also protect your environment at the same time!





Rainlife Alkaline Water Purifier

8 Stages in 3 Filters:
✅ Modern & Compact Design
✅ Easy to install & maintain
✅ No electricity required

Rainlife Alkaline Water Purifying System had been tested for safety certifications by SGS Hong Kong Limited. Tests include 5 types of heavy metal (Lead, Cadmium, Nickel, Chromium and Mercury) and 3 common bacteria (E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella). Test results have shown that Rainlife Alkaline Water Purifying System can effectively eliminate 88.3% of Lead, 99.3% Cadmium, 98.1% Nickel, 99.8% Chromium, 99.3% Mercury; and 99.9% of Staphylococcus Aureus, 99.9% E.Coli and 99.9% of Salmonella.

Active Carbon Filter:
✅ High efficiency of granular carbon: Absorbs residue chlorine and heavy metals
✅ Sediment: Dislodges almost 5 um of impurity, in order to suppress the germs from growing which cause bad smell

Recombination Filter:
✅ Ceramics mineral stone: Provides variety of mineral substance, e.g.: calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium in order to increase the alkaline level of the water
✅ Coral sand: Produces calcium function and increases pH (activity level of hydrogen ion)
✅ Bamboo charcoal: Improves taste of water
✅ Carbon block: Removes particles over 1 um and restrain breeding of microbes which cause bad smell

UF Filter:
✅ Silver-impregnated carbon: Has anti-bacterial effect and removes germs
✅ Ultra fibre: Removes impurities and germs over 0.1 um and retains the mineral substance in the water


At Jonidere, we believe in achieving optimal, holistic health and wellness in the long run. Today, you can start making choices for yourself and your loved ones towards optimal health and wellness. We hope to journey with you towards your next small sparkling moments where you can experience well-being and wholeness. We offer free international shipping throughout our store (unless otherwise specified).



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