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Yoga Mat Bag

$24.95 USD

Have you ever lugged multiple bags throughout the day, from home to office to yoga class to dinner and then back home again?

Certainly, you need a yoga mat if you are a yoga practitioner.

If you have a mat, you will need something to carry it on the way to class. That's where Yoga Mat Bags come in.

* This multi-functional Yoga Mat Bag has storage for your clothes as well.

* It features waterproofing to keep your valued things clean and dry.

A Yoga Mat Bag can help make carrying your mat much easier and also protect it from dirt and damage.

Grab your stylish Yoga Mat Bag today and say goodbye to lugging multiple bags again.

Size: 48x16x24 cm
Material: Polyester

Be empowered to enjoy a happy, healthy life!

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